Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home. Forbidden.

I was standing there,
on that rickety bridge.
I was standing there alone.
Waiting to go home.

It was dark and chilly,
that time when you'd left me.
People passing by would secretly laugh at me.
They thought I was silly.

I remembered you as a royal blue.
Depth with flair.
They laughed again,
called you a sky blue.
Shallow and pale.
They gave me a sad song to sing.

I don't quite know why,
I'd never wanted to say goodbye.

The cold stabs at me.
I gasp.
My tears don't stop,
I'm losing grasp.

I want to go back to the alley now forgotten,
to the paths less trodden.
To the narrow passage ways,
therein my destiny lays.

They tell me I deserve better.
But do I want to deserve better?
I'll always owe you.
Will always be a debtor.

What can I do from here?
I haven't budged.
The pain sears.
It's cold.
It's hot.
I'm numb.

Those dark waters under the bridge, I'm told, are forbidden.
I've been shackled too much.
'Forbidden' intrigues me.
It calls out to me.
It promises to set me free.

The blue-black picture engulfs me.
But then a pair of faint, yet piercing red eyes, lure me.

Will you come back?
Because then I wont leave the bridge.
I wont move.
But the eyes want me to stop asking that question.
They want me to bury you.
Far amongst the graves,
painted in colourless hues.

I hate them for taking you away.
They conspired and contrived.
For them life is a stage,
a big, ornate play.
They offered me a part,
I didn't accept.
So they went ahead and robbed me of you instead.

A light flickers.
The eyes vanish.
I'm forced to stay where I was.

I'm attracting attention now.
Why don't you understand?
I can't keep standing for much longer.
But you're only getting stronger and stronger.

I see the eyes once more.
Followed by many more.
Looking to scalp me.
Scald me.
Torture me.
But what have I done wrong?
I only wanted to go home.
Love lost,
deep, biting frost.

They set me to fire.
Cold, cold fire. 
Luminescent, moonlit night.
I didn't even put up a fight.

It's like burning a corpse.
How brave is that.

Take a good look,
I'm your nightmare.
There are no rules anymore.
Now it's just debatable folklore.

I'm passing on the song,
it's now time for you to sing.
I'll be heading home.
Submerging myself in the 'dark waters.'
While you wait to be crowned king.

I don't care any longer to change my image in your head.
Vanity personified.
Sleep with it.
You're contaminated anyway.

Enjoy the facade.
You and your "pack."
It's me who gets to go home.
From where I'll sit and laugh.
As I watch your worlds collide.
No malice.

It's time.
I'm facing the fall.
Phoenix feathers and vampire fangs.
Be prepared.
I'll bring down one and all...


  1. Wow.
    You've outdone yourself.
    Seriously, I have nothing to even say.
    This one just killed it.
    I'm still reeling in the aftermath.
    Very intense, very powerful.
    Very deep, very enigmatic.
    I love it.
    And I love you :)

  2. Awwww!
    You just made my day (which has been sucking so far).
    Thank you! I love you too sex-bomb <3
    SO much :)