Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can't Be My Nightmare

I can hold my world in a fist now.
And when I clench, I can feel it swirl around,
touch and go,
making the insides of my fingers feel like they can't hold it in any longer.

Losing control,
while presiding at the supreme-most power position.
I suddenly let go.
Because I was made to believe otherwise.
Fear always grips me before the situation really does.
And all of a sudden, darkness engulfs me.
And then I'm transported.

White, snow-like meadows stretch till as far as I can see. 
And a cloudless pink sky looms overhead.
There's one tree to shade me,
and a golden daffodil in my hand.
And I can almost sense you.
Feel your arms encircle me breezily.
And your controlled breath at the nape of my neck.
And I try and distinguish it from the competing wind. 
No luck.

The stark starlight makes way for itself.
And out of the blue, I feel like I'm levitating.
Towards you or away from you, I can't quite tell.
This place faintly smells of you.

A thunder and a booming crash.
And I'm back to the scary place it all began.