Monday, August 30, 2010

My Grey Fairy-tale.

"...and all the sunsets that we miss, I'll wrap them all up in a kiss."- Train

You make me smile.
From that early morning message,
to that silly joke.
From that giggly nudge,
to that sudden kiss.
You make me smile on the inside.

We sit and dream together.
Intoxicated, we laugh at the castles we built on clouds,
some blue, some pink.
And then happily go and jump on the clouds,
until they come crashing down.
And then it rains, and rains, and rains non-stop.
And we drink and dance in it.
And we don't seem to need anybody else.
Anything else.
Perfectly content.
It's how I feel when the glitter floats up in the glass dome,
and falls back down, revealing the palace.

And we smile,
and leave our footprints to be washed.

We watch a scary movie,
only so we can kiss in the dark.
And then we look into each others eyes and burst out laughing.
Because the seriousness is funny.

I'd peck you on the nose, 
while looking into your grey-green eyes.
Then suddenly feel like melting into you.

Because when I flicker back at 4 am,
I like you there.
Tangled up in me,
while the sun streamed down through water droplets like crystals.
Such that we glowed.
Shiny, happy people.

We imagine and build.
And recreate what we must.
If I imagined the sea,
you'd imagine applause.
And then we'd spot those horses on the road.
Brown and white.
Figments of our imagination.
Hints of black.
Just like us.

White froth crashing against the sea rocks,
under a blue sky I can't name.
You take in my scent,
and try to be discreet.
Might as well have inhaled me.

I want to wear a tiara,
I want to paint unicorns,
but purple.
I want to lay back and watch the parakeets gliding,
and maybe hold your hand.
While yellow nail paint is spilling over in the background.
And some wordless tunes play overhead.
So I throw in some words.

Jukeboxes and chilled beers.
Take me away.
Someplace we can do all of it and not be watched.
We drive and we drive and we never stop.
My hair's wet again.
And I don't wanna stop feeling it, thinking it, or saying it.

I have a feeling I make you smile.

Lost In Between.

It's not the same anymore.
I'm not who I was anymore.
They stayed where they were.
I moved onto worlds that were sure.

One said he didn't want this right now.
The other wanted it.
Needed it and how.
I turned my face away.
My body and soul the other way.

You hold me, but not to fling me away.
You look at me, but don't keep your eyes there.
You say everything you mean.
But you don't tell me you love me.
The sheen on my forehead doesn't wrinkle.
But my eyes don't focus.

I don't know what I want.
I want you now.
Be with me.
You might not have to stay.