Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't Let Me Fall

"Underneath the moon, underneath the starsHere's a little heart for youUp above the world, up above it allHere's a hand to hold on to"
You've given me some warmth and I can now draw out my cloud-like blanket to wrap up all of you and all of me in one sweet gush of hot chocolate, snow settling inches away from our faces, happiness cloaked as silliness and a smile I don't even know has been at the corners of my mouth for a fortnight now and that's how long we've been in different seasons. But you're here, inside of me, this time making me laugh at you, cry for me and be patient for us. 
"But if I should break, if I should fall awayWhat am I to do?I need someone to take a little of the weightOr I'll fall through"
Maybe this is the flip side of the flip side. It was probably meant to be a trap and what started out as a joke on me is now no laughing matter. I've seen you. All of you. And you can't do anything about it but what's most disconcerting is how you don't seem to want to. Don't back off this time or I'll break. Don't back off this time or I'll self-resuscitate; break-crumble-last-breath-die-away-wither-sunset. Are you smiling? That's weird. I thought I was.
"You're just the one that I've been waiting forI'll give you all that I have to give and moreBut don't let me fall"
You're here for good. Wow. Say that again? Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn love. Did the Lumineers write that song about us? 
"Take a little time, walk a little lineGet the balance rightGive a little love, gimme just enoughSo that I can hang on tight"

Be my happy place. Be stationary in an ever rotating-revolving-roller-coastering snow globe of mine. My life, outside the door and inside, is the postcard of that secret garden and that hidden away sea where we extracted that sea pearl from that shell where we found one more thing than we lost and those lights twinkling behind me told me you were my makeshift dreamcatcher but that's when I figured that midnight city or not you'd shine like my daylight, glitter like my snow or twinkle like my personal dose of indigo neon stars. Sigh. Comfort in a cup. Mine. 

"We will be alright, I'll be by your sideI won't let you downBut I gotta know no matter how things goThat you will be alright"
Taking care of me taking care of you, admittedly falling into that zone you detested and savouring every refreshing drop of it. Calling me by my name after years of anonymity and oblivious, blind banter transforming into conscious, self-aware conversations that smell of musk because your breathing might just be my heartbeat. Heart. Beat. Box. 
"You'll be the one that I'll love forever moreI'll be here holding you high above it allBut don't let me fall"
Come now. Don't take too long. Look up, you might just see the Northern Lights. Don't wonder how they got there, I brought them to you because I wanted the muse, the inspiration transported to where we are and not the other way around, have something to say to the Universe that has a way of doing things exactly how I like them? Prepare for the holocaust because your question could just be answered. What have you got? Me? I'm yours. Not your usual take-what-you-get-psychopath-dramatic-bundle-of-explosive-energy, you've got me at christmas time. Happy-hearted. :)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Crystal Mornings.

Hello snow, happy snow, my first real snowfall. :)
If everyday was like this, there'd be little cause of any worry at all. Such a beautiful world we live in.
Happy new year gorgeous followers!