Sunday, November 29, 2009

Au Revoir, Beautiful

Dark, bloodshot eyes.
Ice cold mouth.
Stone pale features.
She's facing south.

Auburn hair flying back,
she sits down,
her voice cracks.

A single tear makes its way down her tinted cheek. 
Suddenly, she seems meek.

Not anymore a reflection,
no more the setting sun,
a mirage of perfection.

She stands up.

With each moment the shadows change.
Dancing illusions across her face.
Draped in white,
she's beautiful.
But then, is she really?

The tear now kisses her collarbone.
Meanders down the marble smooth skin.
Leaves a lovely stain on her chin.

Sharp enough to be intimidating.

The pebbles, her feet are now scathing.

The golden mist now pricks the nape of her neck.
Outwardly magnificent,
an internal wreck.

Afraid to overpower.
No longer wants to overbear.
No point of such beauty.
Beauty that can never compare.

One step back, one step forward.

He watches her from miles below.
Right on the edge.
The 'Goddess' ready to glide.
He turns around and walks off. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Always a Dream

It's a dream.
One marred with black and white.
A diluted scream.
It's long. It's prolonged.
It doesn't last long enough though, to be muffled.
They shuffled.
There are too many sounds,
a constant feeling that hounds.
It's the silence.
It's too loud.
Shrill enough for the subconscious to want to change the image.
Purples and oranges, shrouded by veils of grey, slowly turning gold.
The faceless faces smolder,
and combust into flames.
Sick of playing games.
It's the phase in the middle.
When you lose your stand.
Your surroundings are fickle.
Hands outstretched.
Like a blind man encircled by smoke.
No hope.
But some time is all it takes,
for the vision to unfold,
to develop a foothold.
Looking out through watery eyes.
It's crystal clear.
Little shame, no fear.
Bursting out of reality.
To think, that one found what they were looking for?
Wake up.
It was a dream.
Always is.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I could see the fall, my fall. If I'd walked a little way up I'd face it. I was telling myself to stop. Scraping my feet against the ground, like a child living in denial, to the point where they started burning. 

That's when you stood right behind my back and stopped my futile attempts. You were calm. Like the sea after a storm. You gave me a slight push and a reassuring nod. Go ahead. I'm not going anywhere. Walk. The life in me is being drained. There's a lot more waiting for you. Then why do I feel so abandoned? 

You didn't give me an option. It felt like you were the catalyst. I blamed you. But a million emotions and a thousand feet later, I feel only gratitude. The firm hands, the only strength I've come to know, remain. The only constant. You are my oxygen. Not the the regular kind that I breathe everyday. But the limited kind that's in a mask. That saved me. 

Every time I felt my legs giving away, you'd pull me up. Be my anchor. You'd say everything I should've. You may have even wronged the one you shouldn't have. But that's probably what made you for me... YOU. Thank you.

So engrossed in you. Complicated. Uncomplicated. Your concern left me without it. There was so much to deal with. Should I, should I nots'. It made me forget. Like a sugar-coating over all the deep, dark chocolate. It shines enough to capture your attention. It's all I needed, I craved.

You don't give me the time to think. To miss. To hurt. But more than enough to love. 

You joke, it heals. You talk, it involves. You sulk, all smiles :)

You're the prelude, that makes my song beautiful. Captivating, authentic. They're all still whirling in the aftermath. They can't deal with it can they? :)

But let me be me. Not you. For I don't want to be standing at the edge again. I'm sick of refuting. I love you. I'm scared. :(

For now, I once again loop my arm through yours, for our walk through the woods. Swept with comfort.