Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Always a Dream

It's a dream.
One marred with black and white.
A diluted scream.
It's long. It's prolonged.
It doesn't last long enough though, to be muffled.
They shuffled.
There are too many sounds,
a constant feeling that hounds.
It's the silence.
It's too loud.
Shrill enough for the subconscious to want to change the image.
Purples and oranges, shrouded by veils of grey, slowly turning gold.
The faceless faces smolder,
and combust into flames.
Sick of playing games.
It's the phase in the middle.
When you lose your stand.
Your surroundings are fickle.
Hands outstretched.
Like a blind man encircled by smoke.
No hope.
But some time is all it takes,
for the vision to unfold,
to develop a foothold.
Looking out through watery eyes.
It's crystal clear.
Little shame, no fear.
Bursting out of reality.
To think, that one found what they were looking for?
Wake up.
It was a dream.
Always is.


  1. I knew you'd write eventually :)
    This is beautiful.
    Your words read very well.
    The concept of silence being too loud is one that's been hounding me for long. People close to me can hear silent screams thudding against the walls of my head.
    I love to listen to silence, but not when it's there because no one has anything to say.
    You know what I mean, right?

  2. I do I do :)
    I'm probably being a little cynical here... But phases of going through "I'm over" "I'm not" are highly exaggerated and you're actually ALWAYS in the same place, it's just people and circumstances that show you things and places you might be in and so you just conveniently go by what they say. Pictures may keep changing in front of you and you think you're moving on but actually you're in a goddamn movie where only the images in front of you are changing and that too because somebody's holding the projector up there, you're just sitting in the same effing place!
    I'm sick of watching the movie.
    Oh, oh, AND I love you :)

  3. But then those phases will be there for a while. Look, think of it like when you put mehendi ok? You know how first it's all dark and rich and everyone can see it? That's like when you're first hurting. And the whole world can see that. But then gradually, it starts to wear off. Of course it's still there, but only when people pull you close and hold your hand up can they see that it's still a part of you. But then suddenly, you wake up one morning and there isn't even a slight orange colouring your palms anymore, and you hadn't even realised how light it had been over the last few days.
    Life IS a movie. Pictures change, but then that's because there are always new characters entering and old ones leaving. And you are moving on. It's just so subtle that you don't consciously realise it.
    It's your choice to make: do you want to watch the movie or direct it?
    Oh, I love you too :)

  4. That should've been a blog post in itself Shach :) Haha.
    Okay done decided. I'm directing ;)
    You. Are the best <3
    And the net time I'm getting mehnndi put, I'm definitely thinking about a lot more than just the shapes and patterns :P

  5. Ha ha ha ha that was my point :P
    I'm glad you...got the analogy. I was scared I'd make sense to no one but myself. But I can always rely on you, huh :D
    You're a star, man. No, wait, a star and a half. You can be, like, this one-woman show. Actor, director, script-writer, music director, publicist, producer, financier...everything. Because when it's YOUR life in question, it IS supposed to be all about YOU.

  6. Awesome. Man you're the poet around here. I unnecessarily get all the accolades :)
    I'm not very good at multi-tasking though.
    Will you be my left hand? :)