Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Heartbreakers...

Dear Heartbreakers,

I thought you all should know exactly the way we feel after you, well, break our hearts. So I'm going to tell you, and I'll try being as honest and even nice while I do so, when all I should really do is yank your eyeballs out of their sockets.

Remember that first time you held her hand? It wasn't such a big deal was it? Obviously not. Because all you were thinking of was how you were going to make your next move. You want to know what she felt? Nothing in the world would probably give her the sheer joy, the bliss, of just sitting beside you, having her fingers locked in yours, melting with pure happiness. For all of you it was just a moment amongst many. For us, that one moment, could form a story...

Remember when you finally went down on your knees and said those magical words? Of course you do. That was the "move" that finally allowed you to do whatever the hell you wanted with her, or so you thought. You want to know what it signified for us? We thought, 'hey, he really loves me! He really wants to be with me... and nobody else!' You thought, 'yeah well, we'll see.'

Finally, do you remember when you sat her down and told her, "I don't think it's working out for us anymore, we both want different things," and she thought 'but you want me and I want you. What's so different about that?' Then you said, "I really like you, but I just don't want to hurt you," she thought, 'I'm half-dead already,' and your final blow, "let's please remain good friends?" What about her? You really want to know? She thought, 'I'd do anything you want me to. Even this.'

Then what? You "move on." You tell her to "move on." Don't you dare. Because it's really none of your business.

Wallowing in self-pity,
Yours truly.

P.S. F*** you.


  1. I'm surprised I didn't see this before.
    So well put.
    Thing is, sometimes these boys aren't as smooth and suave as they make themselves out to be.
    They break our hearts because frankly, they've had theirs broken before and just never managed to mend it.
    So really, we ARE the stronger ones, because we deal with this shit, you know what I mean?
    Today you're upset over a particular person, but that still doesn't stop you from liking someone else when you find them, and if they like you back, dating them.
    Boys are scared. We aren't.
    You know what the person I've been upset over told me?
    "We could have worked it out if I give in to my emotions, because I do love you a lot, but I've learnt by now that emotions always fuck you over"
    Can you imagine a girl even thinking that?
    We LIVE in emotions, dude.
    Fuck them.
    They aren't worth it.
    Even if they DO love you a lot and you know it's true.
    Because you ARE worth it, and they fail to see that.

  2. Those things were said to me too. Exactly.
    And you're right. I'm an emotional person and I GIVE a shit... And no mother f***ing male counterpart can make me feel bad or vulnerable about it.
    I'm not scared and I'm not bitter enough to stop seeing the good things in life, because believe it or not there are many. I'm also full enough of myself to KNOW, for sure, that I deserve SO much better, and I'm not being delusional or self-consoling when I say that.
    I just feel bad for 'Him.' That's all :)

  3. Love ur work! Just came across your blog through other blogs! Must say, u write like awesome.
    And this one just reminded me where I was few years ago!