Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Death Hunt

She smells you.
Devours it too.
Her claws reaching out.
You scream, you shout.
But that's when you look around and see.
Barren, empty land.
Stifling heat.

She's an image of what you wanted her to be.
Hollow eyes, hollow heart.
Pseudo peace.
Deceptive serenity.

But does she shine enough?
So it's too much for you now.
She's closing in.
She'll find you soon enough.

Someone once said,
'be careful of what you wish for.'
You look up.
You missed the predator soar.

Tired and haggard.
Sweaty yet sly.
You look for a respite.
Hide, hide.
What a pity, what a sight!

She gets a sense of deja vu.
She smells you.
Then takes one last plunge.

Breathe in your last few moments.

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