Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ghost.

The way you looked at me,
the way you smiled.
One by one all the memories piled.
Soon enough, I cried myself to sleep, just like a little child.

The way your hands felt in mine.
And how they'd entwine.
Your smell still lingers, 
but only in my head,
and it leaves in me, a feeling of dread.

I've tried and tried to forget.
I've tried to remove every sense of regret.
But why wont you leave me alone?
Just have a look at what I've become.
Descend from your fantastical throne.

I shut you out, 
but you always come back to haunt.
I tried to drown the thoughts,
but they bobbed right back.
I tried to cut you off,
but I just see you more and more.
Everything you do and how much ever I see,
I can't help but think,
'Oh how I wish he was with me.'

If only there was a way,
if only you gave me a chance,
I could be all that you wanted me to be.

Seldom do I seem so pathetic,
even to myself.
Seldom do I lie,
even to myself.

I wish you a life of happiness,
I wish you do all that you set out to do.
I just wish me one of oblivion.

Free me of this pain.
Take off me these chains.

You kissed me goodbye.
And left me in the middle of Nowhere.
Now here I am,
all alone,
with nothing to give and nothing to share.

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