Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, you.

Here it is.
There you are.
A year ago, I'd miss those green eyes as easily as I'd find hazel. But now I have to tear my gaze away. I don't want to be caught. You know.
Of course I'm strong. I have no emotions. My heart's dried up. 
Yes I miss my friends talking about the way you looked at me. And sure, I miss how you'd lift me, just for a second, away from the crowd, and plant a kiss on my forehead, only to place me back in the drama, dreamily. Reality. 
But I don't remember. I don't think. I'm closed. I'm strong. 
"Are you listening to what I'm saying?!"
"Yeah babe. But. I have a new plan. I'm putting things into perspective. Wanna hear about it?"
Sigh. "Sure."
Dear Oblivion with a face. I love you.
I love teaching you. I love the the task of containing you, just for the thrill of what you're going to burst into next. Exploding. 
I didn't say that. I don't love. I don't feel.
Who knew you'd creep into me now? NOW? Why me? Self preservation. 
Inside of me.
Hold me by the waist.
Shut me up with a kiss.
Don't think of a birthday present for me.
Laugh at me, let me sulk, and then give me such a look that I forgive murder.
Keep me where all I can breathe is you.
Trust me, that all I want is you.
Flawed. Inconsiderate. Oblivious. 
I did not say that. My heart's dried up. I hope the ink does too...

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  1. "Dear oblivion with a face" ...ahhh no words.