Monday, August 12, 2013


Should I wake up now?
Do I have to?
Can I not just stay here and breathe, deeply, in a reverie, of what this year has been. 
Nobody knows it like I do, neither do you, nor you. So don't ask me to wake up. Shake off and let go when you don't know the magnitude of what I'm letting go of. 
A dream that spans cities, countries and continents and not just one person, is a special one. It's special enough to be your whole life, or what it's worth anyway. 
Can I be jet-setting for another decade? Can I be tending to things bigger than me and definitely bigger than you for some more time? Can I learn from him and build up fractions and fractions to make up my next dream? That dreamcatcher above my head only makes my pillow look more comfortable, the real work, needs to be done by me.
I'm waiting for another tide, with baited breath, but while the beach may be my home, I don't control the moon, and he has his own plans and I'm another speck of grey, in the larger plan of the sea of colours. 
I'm going back to sleep now, don't wake me up. 

1 comment:

  1. maybe, what they stop you from is not sleeping, but from sleeping forever.