Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm shining bright tonight.
The apple of everyones eye.
I don't want to escape the limelight.
They ask if I'm in love.
I say I never was.
I toy with the idea of lying a little more,
Enjoy the fake drama a little more.
They 'ooh' and 'aah' a little more,
and I find my way into their hearts.
The lights go out, it's 3 am.
Not a single star in the sky.
Me, a dull light. 
No audience. No admirers.
Just me and my thoughts.
The unimpressive ones.
Lost intimacy.
I miss you.
Selfish me would have wanted to hang onto every last straw.
But I'm in love. I had to set you free.
Fly back, won't you?
In and out of love every once in a while.
Permanence is a foreign concept.
Seeking, searching, striking off.
Next, please?

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